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Best Night Ever Podcast: Accessing Awareness Using Light - The Altered State Experience With The Lucia N°03

Ever wonder what the subconscious looks like? In the past, that meant taking hallucinogens or psychedelics and going on a journey. Things like ayahuasca, psilocybin and LSD are known to be one way to take you there. What if there was a legal and drug-free alternative that could induce similar states of awareness?

In this episode we are going to explore a fascinating light technology called the Lucia N°03 and how it can take you on total mind-body journeys with just the power of light! Allison Pelissier joins Dr. K for a fascinating discussion about how the light invites the “traveler” to release from the stresses of daily life and relax into a beautiful world of vivid colors and patterns and images that are all created within their own mind!In this episode we are going to discuss: What the Lucia light is and what got Allison into becoming a “light guide,” How does the light work and what is it doing to you? Why does the light work and why is it so powerful? What is it doing to you on a brain wave and cellular level? The benefits of using it as part of a wellness routine? The shift in modern consciousness and awareness these days, the comparisons between the Lucia light and plant based medicines like Ayahuasca, How the technology can help with sleep, and so much more. She has a lot of words of wisdom that I can’t wait for you to hear!


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The Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allow even beginning meditators to reach a space of peace quickly.