Lucia Light



Traveling Light’s mission is simple, to bring light to the people. In a world that is uncertain, our goal is to provide practitioners and individuals with the tools and training to hold space and facilitate transformation with Lucia N°03 and the community connections to support and inspire that journey.

When we relax and reset our nervous systems, we remember who we truly are. The Lucia N°03 is a powerful tool for coming home to our true nature and embodying our highest expressions. As with any tool, it is not an end but a beginning. The integration of the Lucia experiences through programs (including supplemental practices such as meditation, breathwork, etc) and ultimately a new way of approaching life lead to full embodiment.

We fulfill this mission through our online courses, 1:1 coaching, workshops, retreats and in-person group trainings. We also offer a limited amount of Lucia N°03 sessions personally and access to a network of qualified and compassionate spaceholders.

Allison Pelissier


With a MA in International Education and Development, a BA in Political Economics and Psychology, and certifications in Yoga, Vortex Healing and other Healing Arts, Allison is deeply dedicated to human evolution. Her diverse work background includes: working as a Program Director in non-profits in NYC, teaching and writing a Science book in Thailand, assisting a small community development project in Nepal, offering healing sessions and giving trainings for Lucia N°03 light guides, teaching yoga and leading guided meditations and cacao and light ceremonies. These experiences have taught her a lot about humanity and different ways we can grow and evolve.Allison’s philosophy is that we are all manifestations of divine/source energy and in fact the best way to help someone else is to hold space for them to remember their own power, cultivate and trust their intuition and therefore heal themselves, spreading this overflowing love to all those connected to them. Allison brings joy with her bright smile and deeply compassionate and playful relationship to life. Her passions include working with, learning about and sharing vibrational healing technologies such as the Lucia N°03, Quantum Sound Therapy, Sound Healing, Breathwork and plant teachers such as Cacao and other herbal medicines. Currently, Allison is a US and International Distributor and Trainer for the Lucia N°03 and is developing an online learning community for Lucia N°03 Light Guides and those on the path of spiritual growth. As a coach, trainer and healer, Allison brings keen intuitive insight, curious and pro-active support, consistent encouragement, compassion and a wealth of knowledge.

Adam Saieed


Adam is a consultant, trainer and business advisor at Traveling Light. He brings years of experience with entrepreneurial ventures. He has worked with small businesses since childhood and spent his career working to help businesses grow their footprint and increase their impact. Adam has a deep passion for personal evolution, spiritual development and accessing flow states. He has spent years meditating, participating in ceremonies, spending time in nature, optimising and pushing his boundaries and limits to bring the best version of himself to every venture he participates in. Through his life experiences with trauma and the journey to find a way out of reaction and projection Adam has forged a path of observation and respect that he imbues into everything he participates in. He brings a deep drive and passion for leadership and cultivating educational training programs to bring all the tools necessary for people to take the Lucia light and create a movement in their community. “My vision for Traveling Light is to have Lucia lights in every major city throughout the US. I see the power and great healing capabilities the Lucia light offers and I want to create the opportunity for people to have their own experience with it.