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Lucia Light Featured in High Times

The Psychedelic Light that Makes You Trip

“I felt the light on my face, almost as if butterfly wings were fluttering around me, then as the voyage continued the constantly melding colors eventually embodied a giant electric-purple butterfly.”

Those were the words of the psychonaut from High Times, Cori, who sat in front of the Lucia No. 3 last week and experienced the hypnagogic light machine for the first time. The Lucia No. 3 is a patented Austrian invention that uses light to induce a unique altered state of consciousness, “a transcendental experience that is usually only accessed in extreme conditions like high performance sports, the use of entheogenics, childbirth, or in near-death experiences.”

The Lucia No.3 consists of a head-lamp that hangs from a stand that looks like something out of a dentist’s office. It has a halogen bulb in the middle, and four powerful stroboscopic (flickering) LED’s around it forming a cross. The light connects to a small laptop computer that has special software installed which allows the “administrator” to control the light with ease. The computer comes equipped with over 100 different pre-programmed light cycles that vary the brightness of the halogen bulb and the speed and intensity of the flickering LEDs.


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The Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allow even beginning meditators to reach a space of peace quickly.