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7 Unique Aspects of the Lucia Light


When I first experienced the Lucia nearly 4 years ago, the very first thing I remember was being welcomed by a “warm glow.” Many people include this “warmth” in their descriptions of their encounters with the Lucia N°03. In fact, the Lucia N°03 company has a patent on this potent combination of solid and flickering light. Instead of just being shoved under strobe light (which can cause high anxiety for many people), the Lucia always welcomes you in with soft light provided by the central halogen bulb and gently guides you back when a session is over.



The combination of the solid and flickering light provided by the Lucia N°03 creates an absolutely unmatchable experience – an experience that can reach everyone, in every moment. Feeling stressed, exhausted or anxious? No worries, try a gentle session! There are over 20 gentle sessions to choose from. Feeling ready for something intense and powerfully moving? There are over 40 strong sessions to choose from. Would you like a session that is relaxing but still has moments of climax? How about a Dimensions session? Or what about one that starts gently and then slowly builds up? Stargate sounds great! The Lucia can offer it it all. With over 100 pre-programmed sessions (and many more in the works) you have a vast array of sessions to choose from. And remember – no experience is ever the same! Even if you choose the same session over and over – it will be different for you each time!



Lucia N°03 sessions go through a variety of different frequencies and levels of brightness, which cause different visual effects. Most people find moments when they feel absolutely lifted, joyous -- overwhelmed with gratitude and positivity. The Lucia N°03 has the unique ability to pause in these moments and extend them for as long as possible. This feature is great for light attendants – you can pause the session when you see your client break out into a grin or drop into a deep meditative state. It is also great if you are giving yourself a session, for you can pause it whenever you feel like it, for as long as you’d like, with a simple click of the mouse. There is even a session called “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” that was designed specifically for this purpose. It is only 10 minutes long, but travels through a wide range of frequencies, so you can pause and dive in to a vast array of different incredible visuals, created by the unique beauty of your own mind. 



Another wonderful feature of the Lucia N°03 is the option to change the brightness of the lamp during a session. This is a wonderful feature for light attendants, for if a client is wincing against the brightness of the light, the light attendant can turn down the brightness, immediately making the experience more comfortable.  Additionally, the halogen in the center softens the brightness as well, so you are not just being blasted by LEDs that can’t be turned down much, but rather you can choose your experience and make it the perfect one for this perfect moment. If you are giving yourself a light session or would prefer to adjust the brightness yourself, you can also use the mouse to adjust the brightness on your own.​



Once you get to know the Lucia, you can start to not only develop your own sessions – but you can create live sessions as well! You are essentially a DJ of the light, creating loops of different intensities and creating an absolutely unique session for the person on the light. You can even record the session so you can try it for yourself later! 



Once you delve into the world of creating your own sessions, you can start to customize them by recreating moments that you or your client already love with the snapshot function. Simply click the roller of the mouse and a photo of the arrangement of frequencies and brightness with be saved for later – allowing you to recreate the moment yourself for a uniquely designed session. 



It is now possible to upload playlists of your favorite mp3s onto the Lucia N°03 laptop – so you can play music and give sessions all from the same place! 

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