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the Alchemy of Ascension Podcast w/Waxela Sananda: Lifting the Veil with the Lucia Light

Welcome to The Alchemy of Ascension Podcast with your host, Waxela Sananda. Here we explore the multidimensionality of BEING Divine Presence embodied at this pivotal time between the old paradigm and the New Earth. As we raise our consciousness, our awareness, and anchor higher frequencies into the body, we Alchemize- we transform- we activate- we ascend. This ascension practice is what I call IN-scension, as we bring more light and awareness into the body through the awakened heart, we become infinitely connected to.

In this Episode, Waxela interviews Allison Pelissier about the Lucia N°03 light. Both Waxela and Allison are Lucia N°03 Practitioners.


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The Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allow even beginning meditators to reach a space of peace quickly.