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The Gifts of Quarantine: Recalibration and Inner Growth

When the outer world imposes a challenging and unfamiliar type of structure, such as the current shelter in place directives, unhealed parts from within may be triggered. Whatever we usually brush aside in the ongoing whirlwind of life rises to the surface in still waters.
The invitation is to not ignore these unhealed aspects, but to acknowledge them, to welcome them with open arms to be seen and respected for their perspective. There is wisdom in these aspects; they arise to protect us as they acknowledge past moments when we were hurt, taken advantage of, or not cared for in a way that felt loving. How do you respond when these parts of you rise up, banging on the drums of war? We know they are present when our heart starts racing, we hold our breath or we feel sad or angry, when we feel fear.
 If we shame these aspects, berate them or feel disgusted by what they remind us of, they grow stronger, the fight is on. When we choose to instead sit with them, listen to them and open a conversation with them, we can help them understand that we see and hear them, but their concerns are no longer relevant and we are safe, we can start to grow. This integration and embodiment, a composting of what we have been through to provide rich insights into what we want to call in, what matters us, how we want to show up, and what kind of future we want to be a part of.
It can feel overwhelming, if the number of unhealed aspects of ourselves is so high that we only have a thread of patience left. Or, even after years or decades of self-work, there can be persistent restlessness within, or a holding pattern of anxiety that we can’t quite let go of.
The level of this “noise,” or amount of discordant frequencies, is our baseline of stress. A certain amount and type of stress is good, motivating us to grow, to be show up as brighter and clearer versions of ourselves. However, when we have ongoing stress at high levels, we exhaust our reserves and life becomes overwhelming.
The Lucia light opens a portal of light, a space to rest within, a reflection of the beauty of your being. The solid light opens the sacred space, reminiscent of the sun, warm and nourishing. The flickering light provides a pulse of illumination, inviting us to let go, sending waves of clarity through our being. Each journey with the Lucia light recalibrates the nervous system unwinding the network of fascia, relaxing our jaw, muscles, extending our breath. The slight activation combined with deep relaxation, over a series of sessions, helps us lower our baseline of stress. It is easier to notice patterns of behavior or reactive responses as they rise and return to a space of inner peace faster. For ultimately it is not about being in a great space all the time, but more about finding fluidity and grace. Being able to feel deeply and still maintain or at least quickly return to a baseline of peace and stability. Feeling resourced to show up to be a light for others. 

When we are resourced with a lowered baseline of self-love and self-trust, we can engage with the world around us in loving way and receive unbounded amounts love in return. The world opens to us, showering us with synchronicities and challenges become opportunities to be creative, grow and seek new outlets to share our gifts with the world.
I see you, beautiful being. Thank you for being here in this time of transition. If you are reading this, know that you chose to be here during these times and you are capable of so much. Thank you for being a light to those in your life. If you feel called to recalibrate during this time of quarantine, I encourage you to follow that intuition. Whatever way you choose to go within and unwind, know that you are supported on your path. 
We are all connected in the great web of energy. The destabilization of the present invites us with more urgency than ever before to consider how and for what we are showing up on this planet. The first step to showing up in this world in a productive and helpful way is to do the self-work. Everyone around us is affected by our energy, from our thoughts, to our words to our actions. The ripples of every moment expand and/or constrict the pathways of the future.

As the first round of work is done within in this time, there is an incredible amount of innovation happening to keep the connections between us all strong. There are a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow being streamed from every direction. Outside of whatever you feel you have to do during this time, I invite you to make time for the self-work (self-love) of recalibration. Also, while quarantine may mean taking physical space from most of the world, if you can find someone or a few sweet beings to hug and hold and love in this time, please do. Touch and snuggles and hugs and shared smiles are important reminders of our interconnectedness, physiological cues of safety and worthiness. Alone we are divided, together, united. We have the potential to emerge from this period unified in more powerful way than ever before.
While I trust more magic and beauty than we can even imagine in this moment is coming in the future, I also see much more challenging times ahead. If we wish for a future that is harmonious, peaceful and expansive, then it is imperative that we do the self-work in this time to evolve.
Hug yourself, hug your beloveds, hug a tree. Feel the divine web of interconnectivity uniting us in a way that is growing stronger every single day.
Thank you for reading this, I love you and this world so much. If you’re feeling called, here’s 6 great tools to assist in recalibrate your nervous system:

  • Spending time in nature
  • Lucia light sessions
  • Breathwork
  • Drinking herbal tea
  • Gentle self-touch and massage
  • Yoga nidra
If you’re interested in learning more about the nervous system, stress, immunity and recalibration, I will be sharing a webinar very soon with more information. Let me know if you’d like to stay in the loop!
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