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Lucia N°03 Practitioner System

Lucia N°03 Practitioner System

Bring the state-of-the-art light technology to your own home with the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System.

Designed specifically for Practitioners, the lamp is operated from a laptop pre-loaded with the Lucia N°03 software. The software is easy to operate and you can keep track of client sessions, as well as upload new sessions from our online community, or even create your own light sessions (with two possible options, either LIVE creation mode or by preprogramming frequencies).

A purchase of a Practitioner System includes access to our online community, including complimentary access to all of our courses for 4 months. Take our online Practitioner Program to learn how to set the space, select the sessions, deal with anything that may arise during a session and help your clients integrate afterwards. We also have additional courses and monthly calls to answer any questions you may have.

The Practitioner Course also includes 3 hours of 1:1 support to dive deeper into your personal needs.

The Practitioner System comes with an elegant, large steel stand on wheels so you may keep it in your office, allowing clients (and/or yourself) to experience light sessions from a variety of positions - laying down, reclining, or sitting up. 

These systems are designed AND built in Austria and are made to last. Considered medical-grade technology, the system will last for decades with minimal upkeep necessary. 

The system comes with a wrench for adjusting the stand, as well as an extra halogen bulb. We haven't had to replace any LEDs yet for any lamps (and the oldest ones have been around for 10 years), however if any issue arises, we are happy to support you. Warranty includes any manufacturer error for 2 years.

The Practitioner System can be used with the included stand, or placed on a tripod, for a more convenient and travel-friendly option. Plus, with the travel stand you can share light sessions with up to 5 or 6 people at a time. Small group light sessions are a powerful way to share the Lucia N°03 light experience with others. There is a synergy in a group experience, as well as being a wonderful way to see how uniquely beautiful we all are.

A purchase of a Lucia N°03 Practitioner System is an investment in well-being, a treasured possession that will serve your nervous system and third eye, as well as all those you care to share it with. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to set up a call. 

NOTE: This purchase page is for purchasing with a Credit Card. If you would like to save $400 or access any current specials, please contact us at or +13472905384 and we can send you an invoice to avoid CC processing fees.

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