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The Dream Machine

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The Dream Machine

While the Lucia N°03 lamps are the highest quality in the world, the Dream Machine provides a potent light experience, at a price designed for accessibility and home use (or for Practitioners to use for 1-2 people at a time).

Designed in France by two hypnotherapists, Brice and Kevin, the Dream Machine is just starting to shine its light in the international market. 

The Dream Machine has a beautiful design and is created to be experienced while sitting or reclining. Operated from an App that is easy to operate from your phone or tablet, the Dream Machine is easy to use and comes with 20+ sessions of different lengths and intensities.

Many of the sessions also include (optional) synchronized audio that can be accessed through a simultaneous bluetooth connection (to headphones or a speaker). 

We are excited to partner with the Dream Machine as it is a complement to the Lucia N°03 experience. The Lucia N°04 is designed to be more intense and immersive, an experience laying down and ideally being supported by a trained Practitioner. Many people use the Dream Machine in their homes on a regular (even daily) basis to downregulate their nervous system, explore their consciousness, enliven their creativity and so much more. 

Reported Benefits Include

Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland Activation
Inner Peace
Increased Intuition
Person Cross Legged
Access Flow State
Deep Relaxation
Nervous System
Reset The Nervous System
Increased Compassion

Developed and produced in Tyrol, Austria in small batches, this high quality technology is designed to last for a lifetime.

Interested in being a Practitioner and sharing this experience with others? Email us to learn more.

Science behind the Lucia:

Comparison of the Lucia N°03 to Psilocybin

Study of Creativity with the Lucia N°03

Background Science on the Lucia N°03

“The Lucia N°03 is probably the most powerful meditation technique I’ve tried. It’s a technology that removes us from the constant noise of modern technologies and brings us deeper into our inner selves, with effects that are real and lasting. I’m a big fan.”
- James Nestor, award winning author of Breath and Deep

Testimonial Videos

The Dream Machine
The Dream Machine


- lamp head with built-in screen to choose sessions

- comes in stylish, portable briefcase

- lightweight carbon stand for lying down

- lamp has a built in feet to sit on top of table or desk

- use stainless steel knob or mouse (optional) for selecting sessions on built-in screen



- Lucia N°03 USB for uploading new sessions and software updates

- over 120 pre-programmed sessions of various intensities

- 4 digit access code for private/safe access

- specialized pillow

- high-quality materials

- produced consciously with fair-trade labor locally in Austria

- online training and continuing education and 1:1 phone support included

- access to our online community to share experiences and download new sessions

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