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Lucia Light Featured in Paper Magazine

Lucia Light Featured in Paper Magazine

Ever since witnessing a bad mushroom trip at 14, I've had one drug rule: no psychedelics when I'm in a bad emotional place. It's a good rule in theory -- responsible, even -- but in practice I'm 1000% more unhinged after taking mental inventory of myself.
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7 Unique Aspects of the Lucia Light

7 Unique Aspects of the Lucia Light

"I felt the light on my face, almost as if butterfly wings were fluttering around me, then as the voyage continued the constantly melding colors eventually embodied a giant electric-purple butterfly.” Those were the words of the psychonaut from High Times, Cori, who sat in front of the Lucia No. 3 last week and experienced the hypnagogic light machine for the first time.
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The Lucia N°03 helps clear the mind and allow even beginning meditators to reach a space of peace quickly.